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eStatement Disclosure

Decatur County Bank eStatement Disclosure

Last Updated: 8/2022

By accepting this disclosure, you agree to discontinue receiving your monthly paper account or loan statement.  If you wish to continue to receive your monthly paper statement along with an eStatement, you must contact Decatur County Bank at (731) 852-2821.

Decatur County Bank is offering eStatements as a way for our customers to receive their monthly account or loan statement online and avoid receiving a paper statement in the mail.  You may choose to receive your monthly account statements electronically by opting in to the service and accepting this disclosure.  Accepting this disclosure and signing up for eStatements will automatically discontinue your monthly paper statement.  You may also choose to continue to receive a paper copy each month (along with eStatements) by notifying Decatur County Bank at (731) 852-2821.  Any customer that signs up for eStatements will retain the option to withdraw their consent to the service at any time and return to receiving their monthly statement via mail each month.  Consent to receive eStatements applies to demand deposit account statements (checking, savings) and loan statements; no loan records or disclosures will be sent electronically by this service.  Once you have consented to receive eStatements, in order to return to paper statements, you must call Decatur County Bank at (731) 852-2821.

In order to receive a timely eStatement, you must keep your information with Decatur County Bank up-to-date.  This includes notifying us of any change in your email address.  In order to update your contact information, you may use the online banking system under “Profile” or call Decatur County Bank at (731) 852-2821.

If you have consented to receive eStatements but need to request a paper copy of your deposit account statement, you may contact Decatur County Bank directly at (731) 852-2821 to request the copy for a fee of $5.00 per statement copy; there is no fee for a loan statement.  Deposit and loan account statements may be printed from the online banking system free of charge.  All statements will remain available via online banking for two years.

If you accept this disclosure and consent to receive eStatements, you will receive an email each month alerting you that your monthly statement is available within the online banking system.  In order to access your email account to receive the eStatement notification, and to log into the Decatur County Bank online banking application to access your eStatement, you must have a PC or Macintosh computer with a hard drive or printer so that disclosures and statements may be printed or saved.  You are required to have a modem or otherwise maintain an internet connection that supports 128-bit encryption, Transport Layered Security (TLS) 1.1 or higher.  For the best results, we recommend you utilize the most current version of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge as your default browser.  To view the eStatements, you will need software that allows you to view PDF documents, such as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™, which is available for download free of charge at Please note that we are not responsible for the performance of any third party software or for any damage to your computer or other equipment caused by the installation of any third party software.  In addition, Decatur County Bank highly recommends the use of anti-virus software on any computer that you use to access sensitive financial information, but it is not required.  If there is a change in the hardware or software requirements needed to access Decatur County Bank eStatements, you will be notified of the change in enough time to comply.

This disclosure will remain available at all times via a link on the Decatur County Bank website ( and within the online banking system.  By accepting this disclosure, you acknowledge that you have, at a minimum, the hardware and software listed above to be able to receive and retain electronic copies of your monthly account statements (eStatements).